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Gay Pride 

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Our true colors will be flying high, on display for all to see as we celebrate LGBTQ+ PRIDE month.

​In the 1970's Harvey Milk, the famous San Francisco city Supervisor, challenged his friend Gilbert Baker to create a symbol for what was then more commonly called the gay community. Harvey basically wanted Baker to create a recognizable emblem of empowerment for the queer community. The artist looked back to America’s bicentennial celebrations over the previous year for inspiration.

​Since Baker’s initial flag design, there were a few versions before becoming the flag we all know today.  Additionally, the flag is continually changing to recognize & include new  LGBTQ+ groups.

Baker purposely never copyrighted the flag as he wanted it to be owned by everyone.

​The colors & meanings:

Red means life; Orange means healing; Yellow means sunlight; Green means nature; Turquoise means magic and art; Indigo (later changed to royal blue) means serenity; and Violet means spirit.

Celebrate your PRIDE & Wear your colors FREely!​

The FRECollaborative Project

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